An ECD that codes,
a coder that ECDs.*

Cannes lions
1 x Grand Prix for Good
3 x gold
2 x silver
3 x bronze
3 x shortlist

1 x yellow
1 x graphite
1 x wood
1 x shortlist

The One Show
1 x silver
2 x bronze
1 x merit
2 x shortlist

1 x gold
1 x silver
2 x bronze
1 x shortlist

New York Festivals
1 x bronze
3 x finalist
1 x shortlist

1 x silver

iab mixx Mexico
1 x best of show
1 x grand prix
4 x gold

1 x grand prix
2 x gold
1 x silver

Golden Drum
1 x best in show
2 x grand prix
2 x gold
1 x silver
1 x shortlist

Golden Hammer
1 x silver

Latvian Art
Directors Club

3 x gold
1 x silver

8 x gold
1 x silver
3 x bronze
4 x shortlist

Art Directors
Club Russia

1 x bronze

Red Apple
1 x silver
2 x shortlist

Ideya Festival
2 x silver

3 x shortlist

1 x shortlist

White Square
2 x silver
1 x special prize
1 x shortlist
* to ECD (v) \ i-si-'di \ 1. to sit in a room full of grown-up kids, pretending to work and hoping to get a metal statue of a feline 2. to look concerned when promising clients to get back with better ideas while actually being thinking which instant noodle brand to brew for lunch 3. to send it all to hell effective immediately 4. to calm down and go back to (1)

A deepfake deeptruth campaign

Still Speaking Up

Mexico is the most dangerous place for journalists in the world. One of the murdered journalists decided to come back from the dead to change that.

Awarded with
9 Cannes Lions including 1 Grand Prix & 3 gold,
3 x D&Ad (including a Yellow pencil),
2 x Epica including 1 Gold,
2 x One Show
Best of Show, Grand Prix & 4x Gold at iab MIXX Mexico,
5x Gold at BalticBest
and others.

Autopilot Whopper

What will AI stop for?

Turns out, many self-driving cars had a bug that made them stop at Burger King signs.

Of course we turned it into a promotion.

Awarded Gold & Silver at BalticBest.

Citi // America the beautiful

Can you hear the point?

America sounds better when everyone is included. My first work for Citi group, together with Publicis New York.

Shortlisted at D&Ad, awarded with a Silver at One Show and a Bronze at Epica, as well as 2 x Gold and a Bronze at BalticBest.

So here is my recommendation from

Arthur Sadoun

Arthur Sadoun, the CEO, Chairman and, what's more important, the face of Publicis, generously giving me a recommendation for my 10 years serving the group. He also elaborates on what inspired him to make the Epsylon acquisition.

Hey, I also have a recommendation from

David Droga

The Australian legend recommends me as the ideal creative and also tells about the real reasons for Droga5 to join Accenture.

...AND I have a recommendation from

Alex Bogusky

The demigod of advertising needs no introduction. In this very detailed video recommendation he also tells what makes an ideal creative.

Ok, of course these recommendations were


But it worked exactly as I wanted to:
— Editor's pick & top 5 of the week on AdAge
— A bronze and a shortlist on Epica and Golden Drum

Audi — "110 steps"

hacking the press,
one page at a time

My Eurobest-winning work for Audi: how to put an ad on every page of a car magazine (and still pay for just 2 spreads).

"Flower power"

how I got a job at Jung von Matt

A Trojan trick pulled on an agency that is famous for pulling Trojan tricks.

It worked, and I got a contract with JvM in Hamburg. See details in the 2019 CV below.


a car that made oil tycoons cry

My work for world's most anticipated EV of 2017 was a $2,000,000,000 social crowdfunding campaign to support the oil industry shocked by the rise of EVs.

(Spoiler: of course it failed!).

Durex — "Nothing"

made from nothing but stock footage and an insight

This small work for Chinese market employs a universal insight backed by solid data and only a handful of stock footage videos.

Done as a part of Durex #orgasmsforall equality move.

Cat candidates

disrupting Latvian elections with cats

Every cat in a shelter is a candidate — a candidate for the position of your cat. In 2018, we made a dozen cats famous for being alternative candidates during elections.

As a true low-budget campaign, this one doesn't even have a video case study, only a board. But you can watch the press-release here ⧉ (in Latvian)

Zewa — "Made for big families"

proudly not my idea

Being a creative director is not just about ideas, it's about letting people have them. I'm really proud that this stunt was conceived in our department by a guy whom I welcomed to advertising myself — and then helped him to grow, structure, sell and implement this idea. This is my first victory (and first awards) as an ECD.

DIESEL — "Dumb assistant"

because stupidity always beats intelligence

One of rejected (but still loved) ideas for DIESEL.

Earthwatch — "The balls to save the Earth"

We've got'em

A playful outdoor activity implemented in Moscow for Earthwatch. My first creative direction experience (and awards, of course).


celebrating women with... men

To promote Women in politics movement, on 8th of March, 2019, I launched an alternative, all-female version of House of Commons, converting all men to women.

Hoot — "Sur flavoured"

Cheesy. Pointless. Unforgettable.

This is how I prepare for pitches: a sketch I've made for future video for Hoot, a brand of cheese flavoured potato chips. In Russian, words for "cheese" and "surrealism" are almost identical. So how could I not.

P.S. We won the pitch. The work is in progress.

P.P.S. Music: 이박사 — Space Fantasy ⧉

CV / 2014

28 reasons I'm awesome

More works, more fun, more info. 94 pages.

Makes me think "damn, I'm good!" every time I read it. Yeah, like that, in italic.

CV Update / 2019

(yes, I was too lazy to edit the 2014 file)

A small 30-page update to the previous CV. It was 100 slides, but I legally had to cut all the WIP. I will bring it for the interview.

I remind myself to do stupid things

Seriously, I even have a daily "todo" for this in Google Calendar. Hope it works. Hope you noticed it. And in case you didn't - yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

I am Andrey Tyukavkin, the ideal creative. Nice to meet you.

+371 256 47 918